The "Access to Healthcare" transport scheme is operated by volunteer drivers who use their own cars to take people to visit their doctor or nurse. As the scheme has been very well received by our users and is now expanding, we are looking for more volunteer drivers to help us meet the growing demand for our service.

Pick your own hours or days, work as often or as little as you like, there is no obligation. We have a central booking office that deals with all journey requests, they will be advised of your preferred days and times and will call you to ask if you are available for a specific job. You will be given at least 24 hours notice, usually more. You then accept or decline.

For each journey we pay 45p/mile (max amount allowed by HMRC before any tax liability is incurred and it's not necessary to declare this). Most motor insurance companies do not make an additional charge where this extra annual mileage does not exceed 2,000 miles, but require to be advised that you have become a volunteer. All of our drivers report high job satisfaction.

Email us today with your contact details (if possible including a phone number) and we will respond by return. View VOLUNTEER DRIVER PROMOTIONAL LEAFLET.